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By Sakhile


Driving from a car wash outlet after a good pampering for your car brings a smile on your face and such a feeling is also proven to be good for your health.

Arguably they say that finding time to attend to the car wash needs is not only good for your vehicle’s benefits, but also for your own wellbeing.

How Do You Attend To Such A Need Without Having To Lose Your Valuable Time?

Various options are available in the market depending on your location and preferences. We have recently witnessed an increase in mobile car wash service providers entering the market since the beginning of lockdown.

Indeed, mobile car wash services might be the primary solution to time wasting problems for motorists, though the overall online marketing versus ground operations is  still questionable.

It is also noticeable that most of the new entrants do not make it to one or more years in operations.

Since most if not all experienced organisations are still adapting to manage and implement new ways of working due to pandemic, how long will it take the newcomers to adapt?

If customer long term plans depend on the decisions they make today, it is worth their penny to commit to sustainable operations.

As one of the few mobile car wash service providers who have been in the market even long before the pandemic and having experienced the customer feedback on their car wash preferences, we discovered that it is not only by being available online that guarantees the customer’s product expectations.

It is through such discoveries where we have learnt that customers need a mobile service provider who is flexible enough to attend to one car wash requests.

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