On-site Car Wash - Sandton Mobile Wash
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On-site Car Wash

On-site Car Wash


Covid-19  has delivered many forms of movement which we never knew that they even existed within our communities. Throughout these forms of movement there are also barriers that comes with adapting to the new routines. When everything seems new and impossible it is within our capabilities to organise and simplify the best effective methods of movement.

The on-site car wash operators located within the building premises acknowledges that though their operations used to be productive during office hours it is not like that nowadays due to the forceful change of customer behaviour.

Every car washer wants to make a living, and every customer prefers to continue supporting the same service provider, but what happens when that relationship is forcefully challenged? Can both parties withstand the obstacle? Adapting to change may be necessary for the service provider as equally as it might be for the customer.

While people are continuously loosing their jobs, it is also noticeable that the ever frustrating road traffic jams have lately declined due to the ‘Work from Home’ kind of operations which has negatively impacted these car wash operators.

The recent increase in numbers of dirty vehicles stationed at home driveways has reasonable convinced some of the car wash operators that they can still deliver the car wash service even beyond their comfortable zone though the ever standing question is “why and when do customers decide to wash their vehicles even when they hardly hit the road as often as before?’

Read our next post  where we will be sharing some of the reasons on why motorists should continue washing their cars as often as possible even during these tough times.


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