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The Car Wash Job

The Car Wash Job

There is a lot that can happen in a car wash bay. Things like, small to large machines and devices stationed at the wash bay while recruited car washers are trained to help deliver excellent business results.

Recruits in a car wash bay expect to be paid a salary in terms of an agreement with the employer. The salary may be the primary reason they keep showing up for work but there will always be an illegal incentive behind their reason to keep coming.

Their expectations and benefits can wrongfully be directed to customers if not managed and explained accordingly. Such incidents or bad behaviour can be expressed through begging for tips, keeping coins found under the car seats, and even through stealing expensive valuables placed inside the vehicle. To some extent, recruits can steal and resell the car wash products just to feed on their dissatisfactions with the car wash job.

Insurance is there to help refund or rebuild whatever was stolen or lost but that particular plan will not guarantee the victim’s return for more services – removing the valuables out of the car before dropping it off for a wash is one of the trusted routines to help avoids becoming the victim – monitoring and understanding  the purpose behind the individuals decision to choose the car wash job is highly productive in minimizing such risks.

Why Do You Choose Washing Cars?

I once had a friendly talk with one of my customers in Marlboro after finishing washing his car.

“Why do you choose washing cars instead of finding something sustainable, and where do you see yourself in the near future?”

These two questions shaped my thinking in many ways possible. I kept thinking! Is the car wash job worth my time and energy? Am I just keeping myself busy or am I just trying to put food on the table?

Finding a purpose behind the decision to embrace washing cars helps avoid the temptations of begging and stealing from customers. Standalone car washers services have been admired by many motorists even though these individuals are not fully equipped but they have managed to  deliver safe and clean services for many decades.

Few individuals and organisations have identified and recognised such dedication.

Motorists  can  support  and utilise the car wash services located around their office building premises.


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