Why Don't They Travel For One Car Wash Bookings? - Sandton Mobile Wash
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Why Don’t They Travel For One Car Wash Bookings?

Why Don’t They Travel For One Car Wash Bookings?

When we fail to create the conditions for mobile car wash services to persist with resilient until luck comes along, we all lose.

In my mobile car wash humble beginnings I had to walk from Alex to Marlboro, pushed a trolley to Wynberg, and even travelled by taxi to Sandton and surroundings just to wash one car. So, what could be blocking mobile car wash sustainable operations?

Could it be one or more factors declining the flow of mobile car wash services?

When in a brief conversation with other delivery service operators in the area, they firmly believe that delivery services are built for commitment. “Every conversation should try to prolong customer commitment for the sustainability of operations. It’s those repeat customers who are the core funders of everyday operations. Furthermore, focusing on customers who are willing to use the service as regularly as possible, set-up enough time and grounds to persue other commitments.”

One would argue that if the car wash is labelled as a “mobile” service therefore it is necessarly flexible to mobilize its services regardless of the number of cars to travel for.

According to personal observations, there are few of these so called “mobile” car wash services with restrictions to accommodate one car wash booking, such as mobile carts dispensed all over the suburban busiest zones.

These crawling carts are built to be the car wash mobile solution but their flexibility to cover-up the total traveling distance from Area A up to Area B,C,D and onwards, in a reasonable timeframe, will forever be restricted. So, if a mobile cart sustainable operation is majored in the number of vehicles washed at one area point, then that solution is questionable.

Overcoming mobile car wash challenges requires commitment above all other inputs. When the service provider decide to accommodate one car wash booking, it shows commitment and hunger to occupy the space and fulfill the need.

Though traveling expenses might be proven as the ultimate challenge for delivery services, there are other barriers surrounding mobile car wash incompetency, such as time management and access to water & power supply.

Consideration of time spent travelling to the customer, with time spent conducting the service is the outmatched blockage in the execution of flowing mobile car wash operations. Nonetheless, time spent delivering excellent mobile car wash services should be time well compensated. Mobile car wash services are trading time for money, after all.

Car wash price evaluation should be based on costs and benefits. A well calculated benefit could dominate the market only to deliver a long-term advantage of not having to be directly affected by other expenses such as water and power.

If they can travel for one car, they might be able to travel for two and more, and it’ll become more naturally and more often.

Travelling forĀ  “One Car Wash Booking” is a great place to begin.

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