Sandton Mobile Wash - the experts in car wash operations - Sandton Mobile Wash
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Sandton Mobile Wash – the experts in car wash operations

Car Washers

Join the community of standalone car washers and become more effective and productive. JOIN

OUR PRACTICE (Download SOP here)

Car Washing Manual

From beginning to the end – Proper Car Washing Routine Matters

Dedicated and Motivated Car Washers delivers consistent and speedy service.

Towel Colour Coding

Fresh and Clean Towels delivers customer satisfaction

Maintaining Proper towel use guarantees effective service delivery.

Safety Operations

Safety Measures are highly recommended in a Car Wash Facility.

Anyone can wash a car. Only a few can pay attention to detail.

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This is What our clients say about us

What we do

  • We recruits car wash individuals
  • Partner-up with motivated individuals
  • Give them access to the market
  • Give them access to company resources (uniforms, equipments, marketing material, etc)
  • Support their growth opportunities

About Us

We are a small business driven by the community of standalone car washers. The business founder has been washing cars around Sandton area for over 3 years, having to survive daily challenges and loneliness experiences he decided to partner up with other like-minded individuals on a mission to deliver flexible car wash services against all odds.

Support a Car Washer

And Get A Free Car Buffing Service On Your 4th Wash