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Best Car Cleaning Results

Best Car Cleaning Results

Take into account the equipment, the products, and the kind of skill required to deliver a clean vehicle within the given time frame. Are you always getting the best result from your trusted car wash service provider?

Let’s look at the two cars ready to be washed at the wash bay, and highlights their conditions as well as their exterior washing procedures.

The White Sedan                                                                                                                                                              The car just returned from a one hour test drive, and as usual, the car needs an outside wash before it is taken back to the dealership’s showroom.

  • The car washer will have to rinse the wheels, the arches, then the entire body before pressure rinsing the entire body. Hand washing the car with a sponge without having to drain much energy, but thoroughly washing in a linear motion from top down to avoid paint damages.


The Black Hatchback                                                                                                                                                     This car was brought in by a friendly customer who happens to find reasons to explain that the car needs extra consideration as it was stationed under the tree for almost 2 months already. She added  “Can you please do the best you can for now, we’ll do the valet maybe next time”.

  • The inexperience car washer is bound to follow the similar washing routine depending on training methods provided by the employer. While the washing methods may be the same, the results will always differ because of the car’s condition.


Considering the fact that car washing can be anybody’s job, expectations should also be aligned with the operation standards of the service provider of choice. However, the experience car washer is well equipped, by the practical experience gained throughout the years of linear motion and energy draining procedures, to decide on methods to be applied right from his first moment with the vehicle.

So, every time you plan to negotiate the best car cleaning result, remember to gather the facts surrounding the time, the cost, and the energy reserved to deliver your clean car.

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